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Welcome to my Humanities 103 portfolio!

In this portfolio, I reflect on my whirlwind of a year here at Davidson. My first year here was filled with questioning, reflecting, and accepting many things about the world and myself I had been (or chose to be) blind to my entire life. 

My portfolio centers on Plato’s Allegory of the Cave and its profound effect on me. It is essentially a retelling of not only my coming out of my cave but also my closet. 

Through my experience at Davidson and in the Humanities program specifically, I have learned to embrace and challenge my ignorance. I have learned to trust my truths and listen to others’. 

I want to convey how we cannot and should not divorce unique personal experience and identities from academic endeavors.

Personal experience should extend into the lectures, group discussions, readings, and assignments, just as they should extend out of the classroom settings and into our lives.


I would like to thank all the incredible faculty of this program, especially Dr.Denham and Dr.Ingram, and all my peers. Learning alongside you all has been an honor and a true highlight of my year. 



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