Ignorance is Bliss?

Ignorance is bliss to whom? By burning books that contradicted the “German way”, the Nazi regime attempted to construct a reality like the one above. These people, young and old, enjoy the seemingly beautiful day in the park. They stroll, they jump, they skip, they love. However, they have no heads. They cannot think. The Nazi regime has decapitated them through burning books. They have no mind to think or to question anything because they have no books to inspire them to question or think differently. They learn only what the Nazi regime wants them to learn, think only what the Nazi regime wants them to think.

Although, like prisoners of Plato’s cave, they are trapped by their ignorance, they are happy. Like the iconic photograph of children playing under the East-side Berlin Wall, they find peace in their suffering. They find humanity in the inhumane, and that is a rebellion itself.

I envision this memorial to be placed in the context as pictured above. A park or greenway in a German metropolitan area or possibly Washington D.C. I think these would beautifully juxtapose the Japanese cherry blossoms in full bloom.

A child clings to his mother's hands as she spins him around.
A young couple enjoys the beautiful day together.
An old man goes for a stroll through the park.
Children celebrate life by skipping.