From Lapham’s to Laptop Cases

As I’ve sat through discussions this year, I’ve noticed how nearly everyone with a laptop has stickers on their cover. I’ve thought about how these stickers construct and convey our personal identity to ourselves and our public identity as well. I also think that this says a lot about us as humans. We are all the same machine, a laptop, but we embrace and construct our identities, which make us one of a kind. I made all of these stickers through the site Redbubble. They were inspired by pieces, texts, and topics we discussed throughout the year. Click on any of them to go to Redbubble.

"The Wall Within the Head"

The Wall Jumper by Peter Schneider inspired this sticker. The idea that East and West Berliners have a wall built in there heads, that no matter if the actual wall falls, still divides them. It’s a mindset. A perspective. A way of life, and I think it’s similar to Plato’s Allegory of the Cave. Also, I thought a lot about my upbringing and how a wall of ignorance was built since I was a small child. Hence the picture of little Taylor and the Berlin Wall being constructed over my eyes and in my head.

"Achilles + Patroclus"

I found this picture when I was looking through Greek pottery for my research paper. Depicted on the vase are Achilles and Patroclus from Homer’s Illiad. Because of the language of the story and the acceptance of homosexuality in Ancient Greece, scholars believe that these two men were in fact lovers. I was inspired by this picture, and I “queered” it with a digitally imprinted watercolor rainbow. Essentially, the water (often held by the vase) washes away the dust on the vase and reveals these men’s true identities and passions for one another. 

"Revelation is the Revolution"

.My lovely and inspiring friend and fellow “humester” Zoe Harrison wrote a beautiful poem entitled “Revolution, Revelation”. Here beautiful and insightful words inspired this sticker

"Drink Black Milk!"

While reading Paul Celan’s “The Death Fugue”, I could not get the image of black milk out of my head. It is such a perversion of this idea of nourishment and comfort and really conveys to me how much Holocaust victims suffered in concentration camps. I return to that poem occasionally, and every time, I get such a visceral and emotional reaction to this concept. 

"Homoerotic Nazis"

My research paper  about homoeroticism in Nazi propaganda and its contradiction to the anti-gay Nazi agenda inspired this sticker.